Why Viminz


Innovative and Unique Product Formulations:

Our special formulations for Immunity, Brain Support, Heart Health, Anti-aging, Detoxification and Weight Loss are the result of thousands of hours of research by scientists and nutritionists with whom we collaborate. The patented liposomal delivery technologies that we use in some of our formulations are both innovative and unique, and provide unmatched bioavailability of the targeted molecules (like vitamin C or vitamin D) in your system.

High-Quality Ingredients:

Our products are manufactured in GMP certified, FDA registered facilities in the United States and the European Union. We use high quality ingredients, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.

Worldwide Delivery:

We offer free worldwide shipping and your order gets processed and shipped on the same day.

Buy Risk-Free:

For any purchase returned within 30 days we offer a full refund so that our customers are sure they purchase risk-free from us.

Great Quality/Price Ratio:

We are a customer centric company. The customer's satisfaction and trust are our utmost priorities. We combine our highest quality of products with reasonable prices to ensure our thousands of customers get an excellent value for their money.